Jodi Carlton, LPC

Jodi Carlton, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

I have over 15 years experience helping people with a wide range of heartaches.  Whatever your heart is struggling with, I’ll meet you right where you are!  My own heart is committed to walking alongside every person who needs my help.  We’ll figure things out together.  I have seen the wounds and scars caused by depression, anxiety, grief, suicide, anger, chronic stress, infidelity, physical and sexual abuse, and much more.  I find joy in seeing my clients heal and overcome their battles!

I have a teenaged daughter who has high functioning autism (Asperger’s), so I am in a unique position to help families dealing with autism spectrum disorders.  Working with my autism “peeps” is dear to my heart!  I also have a son with a history of epilepsy (a seizure disorder), and auditory processing disorder. Both of my children have sensory processing challenges, as well.  So, I understand a lot about what so many parents are facing with their own children these days.  I get it, y’all!!!

Years ago (in 2001), I developed a counseling program for the Dublin region of Headway Ireland, the National Brain Injury Association of Ireland. While there, I worked with clients on issues such as memory, learning, focus, frustration tolerance, emotional regulation, and social skill challenges. Those skills have all been quite useful in all of my counseling work because all of these executive functions are affected when we are struggling with just about anything.

More recently, I have been trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy which is an eye movement method that is utilized for the treatment of trauma such as, but not limited to, accidents, abuse, rape, loss of loved ones, military service, law enforcement service, first responder service, bullying, antagonistic divorce, and more.  This is an evidence based treatment that is being studied for use in treating other mental health disorders, as well.