Office-Based Counseling

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Individuals and families local to the west Georgia area can meet with me in one of my two offices.  My Paulding/West Cobb office is just off Hwy 120, near 278. My West Georgia office is just off of the historic downtown square of Carrollton, where I share beautiful, comfortable, offices with my colleagues at Resolutions Counseling.


Phone-Based Counseling

Schedules are busy and not everyone lives nearby, so I make it a point to be accessible.  Some people can really benefit from counseling over the phone.  If this is something you’d like to try, give me a call, and let’s talk about it!  Due to state licensure laws, phone counseling may not be available to individuals in some states other than Georgia.


Videoconferencing is really great way to receive counseling from a distance and still get the personal, face-to-face experience.  It works very well for individuals with busy schedules and is very easy to do.  You can even have a counseling session on your smartphone during your lunch break in your car.  Don’t let time and an overwhelming life stop you from getting help when you need it!  Due to state licensure laws, videoconferencing may not be available to individuals in some states other than Georgia.


It is my policy to make counseling services affordable to everyone in some form, and that means we may have to get creative. Perhaps we’ll adjust session frequency or length.  Sometimes insurance can cover a portion of your fee.*

My rates are as follows:


Initial Session:  $125

$100 – 60 minutes

$150 – 90 minutes


$35 – 30 minutes

* I am a participating provider for CIGNA and United Healthcare (United Behavioral Health/Optum).  I will file insurance for these plans.  If you have other health insurance, you will be responsible for paying my fee, and I can provide you with the forms necessary to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.  I can also assist you in determining the amount that you will likely be reimbursed, but there is no guarantee regarding what insurance will actually reimburse for the claims you file.

**Video-conferencing and phone counseling are not covered by insurance.  You will be responsible for these fees in full.

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